About us

With us you are the Art Connoisseur. Because you deserve to stand out.

Ceramic pieces aren't all about making your house look good - they're about crafting a space to feel like home with a touch of art. Ceramic Connoiseur is a group of artists that follow family tradition which contain secrets to make our ceramics a worlds premium quality. For many years our company had worked with thousand of institutions teaching about ceramics and inspiring people to enter truly artistic world. Gaining this experience helped us develop and became masters at handcrafting, so we can fill up the gap of your everyday routines and make you adore your ceramics every time you use them. All our products are handmade from scratch, and each one of them go through a time-consuming process that requires focus and precision.We only hire the best artists to make sure everything is beyond perfection, and smooth to last edge. We’re always on the move finding and creating new products to fill up your home and bring to your life excitement and aesteticly pleasing joy.

About Creator

Hi, my name is Michael, ceramic lover with an entrepreneurial spirit. Three years ago, I dropped out of college to focus on growing my business and share with the world handmade ceramic art. Since then, to this day I design, produce and export exclusive ceramic pieces directly to your house. My company Ceramic Connoisseur gathers ceramic lovers and real art connoisseurs. I’m very passionate about creating products you’re going to use, collect and adore. I look after every product, control its quality, and make sure they’re all ready to be sent. For your satisfaction, we cooperate with very creative and precise artists who provide our items to be unique and exceptional, just like each of you. I want to expand the group of ceramic connoisseurs and share my works of art with the world!

Your home is waiting to become a piece of art!

Home Decor Connoisseur is a company that was created due to combining two most stunning, but forgotten in these days craftsmanships. The artistry of wood and ceramics make together exceptionally balanced piece of artwork. Working on every piece with diligence, patient and commitment provides all of our merchandise with perfection and specialty. Many years of experience in working with specially selected wood and greatest quality clay make our company stand out and surround others with remarkable objects. We were founded to bring small bits of artistic pleasure to everyday life and fill your daily rituals with wealth of natures items.