About us

Our company consisting of the best artists and business experts with years of experience has a mission of making art available for everyone. If you got to be reading this on our site - You are absolute Art Connoisseur, we can already tell that. 

We are based in Cracow, Poland - here we make these unique pieces, every single one is limited! So you can feel the art everytime you reach for the mug, plate, cup and many more. Handmade with dedicated craftmanship, using the best materials possible. We treat every single customer with individuality - you rule here!

Our ceramics are:

  • Handmade by the best artists 🖌
  • Eco-Friendly 🌱 
  • Unique and limited ⭐

We have fell in love with art, for us it doesn't matter if it is a big painting or small mug. Every piece deserves to be the best of the best. We want to bring art over every house and make people realise that art can be seen everywhere, it is just matter of creativity. We know that exchanging standard plates with artistic ones will someday make people realise that you can put art in everything.

Our brand is growing fast, making us happy that people start to realise the beauty of art. Our instagram following is gaining thousands of new people every week: https://www.instagram.com/ceramiconnoisseur/

If you respect and support our work, feel free to share our page with your friends!