• Maintenance & Care Of Ceramic

    Every piece of my pottery is made from very high-quality clay. We use stoneware and porcelain to make sure it can easily withstand everyday use. Each pottery piece goes thru couple firing processes. At first, we bisque fire at 920°C / 1688°F after that the glazed item is carefully loaded into the kiln for the glaze firing at 1240°C / 2264°F. If our pottery pieces are painted with 24k gold from Italian mint for it to create gold lustered details, it goes thru the last firing in 800°C / 1472°F. We use only food safe glazes, so it can have a direct contact with any drink or dish. All my pottery is dishwasher safe, and if it’s not a piece with gold lustered details you can use it in a microwave.

    Natural variations

    Since all my products are handmade, each piece is unique and there might be slight differences between each one. These small differences in shape, color and weight is actually what creates the character and beauty, and emphasize the difference between hand made and industrial factory made products. Sometimes glaze-nuance might vary a bit from piece to piece, and between each fire. The weight can also sometimes vary between the same kind of pieces. I can guarantee you that I always choose as similar pieces as possible within one order.

    Estimated Delivery Times

    We are shipping majority of orders via UPS and FedEx Couriers.
    - Europe: 1-3 business days
    - USA & Canada: 2-5 business days
    - Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 3-6 business days
    - Rest of the world: 3-7 business days

    Orders outside the Europe, weighing less than 1 kg are shipping via Poland Post (1-2 weeks delivery).

    IMPORTANT for the UK and outside EU buyers

    If our packages are sent over to you by courier, we need to attach an invoice.

    Due to Brexit, your packages may be charged a fee. If you don't want to be charged an extra fees before placing an order please:

    • Mark your order as a gift,

    • Ad a note to your order which will include the information that you want to split up the bill, so the estimated price is lower, and you won’t have to pay any additional fee.