Barrel Candles


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With Coaster?
1. Enter the scent you want: cinnamon, peach or lavender.
2. Enter the wick material you want: cotton or wood.

This set is a complete work of art! Our team of artists are challenged to make every piece collapse in your memory, and as soon as you receive them penetrate deep into your artistic soul. Set of candles (mugs) and coasters meticulously, handmade by wood craftsmen and pottery artists. The elegant dripping glaze in a vibrant colors combined with the extraordinary wooden, epoxy resin coaster in the same shade create not only an unbreakable whole, but a unique display of artwork. Because of the delicate and unpredictable kiln process no two candles (mugs) are ever manufactured the same. What's more every little lustre detail is hand painted with 24k gold, what provides your set to be authentically one in a billion, just like you! Whether it's for a special dinner, or simply enjoying your daily coffee; these original looking sets are guaranteed to stand out on any given table. These are made to last a lifetime!

Candles (mugs):

- Fired three times at high temperature (1240°C / 2264°F), for extra strength and durability

- Candles (mugs) can hold approximately (10 fluid ounces / 300 millilitres)

- Candles made from eco soy wax

- Hand-painted 24k gold lustre details

- Food safe


- Made from oak wood & colored epoxy resin

- Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5" or 9cm x 9cm


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