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Creamy Blue Bud Vases

Creamy Blue Bud Vases

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Hand-painted realistic flowers and faces full of emotions rich in never - fading color and multiple varieties of composing...

These handmade sculptured vases are created individually with dedicated craftsmanship. Each of them is an exclusive piece of handcrafted artwork from a local business which is sure to be something your loved ones will treasure forever, bring you luck, and bless your family with health, and happiness.

Creamy Blue Bud Vases are one of a kind! All our vases go thru several pairs of hands to become a piece of art they truly are. Each vase holds its own unique character, so no two vases are ever the same... just like us.

Each vase represents our beloved family and friends. We must hope that we will always be around these lovely people and be together forever! Beutifull, bright, handpainted floral patterns bring a lot of romance and fresh look to each of them so they add a loving naturalistic feel to the interior they're in.

The traditional bohemian style is the romantic art style most loved by women and children. We believe these vase decorations will surely become the most beautiful highlights at your home!

- Fired two times at high temperature (1240°C / 2264°F), for extra strength and durability
- Size approximately 10 inch / 25cm high (the highest vases).

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