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Wooden Epoxy Resin Drink Coasters

Wooden Epoxy Resin Drink Coasters

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Home Decor Connoisseur coasters under on your table this Easter?? The table settings you pull out year after year becomes the backdrop for memories. Whether you love hosting your family Easter and putting up unique and elegant Easter table settings for an unforgettable holiday dinner or inviting friends for an evening filled with wine and laughter, even if you’ve got a few kids running around who always seem to leave a mess behind, protecting your tables and surfaces from water rings and damage caused by cups and glasses is important.

Handcrafted Wood Coasters were made to be a functional piece at your house, that prevents very common and irreversible damage caused by liquids and heat of mugs we are all using. We wanted them to be as charming as they can be, also matching to our handmade pottery we create. Our dream came true, so today you can have the matching set that’s going to add just the right special touch to your table settings.

Our wood is always carefully treated to ensure strength, resilience and beauty but is completely free of any harsh chemicals or additives. Combination of ash, oak or walnut wood and colored epoxy resin makes our coasters well-balanced pieces. With good care, they will stand the test of time!

- Made from ash / oak / walnut wood & colored epoxy resin
- Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5" or 9cm x 9cm

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