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Ceramic Connoisseur

Gold Hearts Petite Mugs

Gold Hearts Petite Mugs

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Life is too short to drink from an average mug. We want to bring art to every part of your life, so you can add a touch of artistic magic to every basic thing around you such as mugs... Owning your own mug from Ceramic Connoisseur is a pretty special thing. Why? No one will ever have a mug that's the same as yours. And just because of it there’s no better gift idea for your loved ones. Every cup is unique, with its own colors and imperfections. They're 1 in a billion, just like you! Whether it's for a special dinner, or simply enjoying your daily coffee; these original-looking cups are guaranteed to stand out on any given table. Stunning, versatile, and crafted in Poland, Europe, our mugs will make your loved ones feel truly special every time they reach for them. These are made to last a lifetime!


- Fired three times at high temperature (1240°C / 2264°F), for extra strength and durability

- Mugs can hold approximately (8,5 fluid ounces / 250 millilitres)

- Hand-painted 24k gold lustre details

- Food safe


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